About Viveo

Our pleasure, we are Viveo

We are an ecosystem of products and services for the health sector. With companies specialized in each link of the chain, from manufacturing to patient delivery, we have the mission to simplify the market with agile, reliable and innovative solutions.

Founded in 1996, Viveo is the leader in the manufacture and distribution of materials and medicines in its segment, with products and solutions for all of Brazil. With 100% national capital, we have our own fleet, more than 20 operations units and distribution centers in all regions of the country and around 6,000 direct employees.

With the purpose of taking care of each life, we are the only company in Brazil that operates fully in the health market, from manufacturing to final delivery to patients. This focus reinforces our commitment to offer reliable, agile and innovative solutions to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and wholesalers. We seek to find and make possible the innovations that will define how to care for people in the future.

To give life to the entire ecosystem, Viveo comprises the following companies: Mafra (which integrates the six companies that operate in the hospitals and clinics channel), Tecnocold Vacinas, Prevena (which integrates the seven companies that operate in the laboratories channel), Cremer, Flexicotton, FW, Daviso, Heathlog, Mafra Especialidades, Boxifarma, Far.me, Azimute Med, Famap, Life, Pro Infusion and Nutrifica and owner of the brands Embramed, Cremer, Topz, Bellacotton, Salvelox, and the recently acquired Piquitucho, FeelClean and Neve.


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