A Company is born, a Purpose is born

With 25 years of history in the health sector, Viveo was found in 1996 by Carlos Mafra, with the constitution of Mafra to operate in the segment of distribution of hospital materials and medicines.


Expansion and Leadership

The Company expanded its operation to the North, Northeast, Central West and other Southeastern states in 2022, through BSB Hospital (incorporated in 2017).


Foundation of Mafra Log

Health Log, as it is known today, has its own fleet and offers a platform of services and solutions that optimize the supply chain for the health market.


Entry of DNA Capital Investment Fund.


Acquisition of Tecnocold Vacinas, a company specialized in vaccine solutions.


Professional management and Cremer Acquisition

The Company accelerated the transition process from management to market executives and promoted the consolidation of acquisitions of assets in the health sector, as well as the integration of cultural and business models of these assets. In April of the same year, it began to verticalize its portfolio and acquired Cremer, a company with more than 85 years of history and with major activities in the manufacture of products for health care in the areas of first aid, surgery, treatment and hygiene.


Ecosystem creation

History of expansion, through companies directly or indirectly linked to the group, has grown through investments made by shareholders with organic growth and M&As.


Team building, long-term strategic plan, fundraising process and continuation of the M&As agenda.


Accelerated growth with acquisitions

Acquisition of Expressa, a company that has been operating in the distribution of hospital medicines for over 30 years.

Acquisition of Flexicotton, Biogenetix, Vitalab and Byogene and participation in the capital of Far.Me, expanding the portfolio of products distributed and sold by the Company.

The Company also invested in the logistics network to increase capillarity and improve the provision of services, which resulted in an increase in the offer of services to customers and suppliers through innovation and the development of new technologies.


The group reorganized its entire health ecosystem with the mission of simplifying this market and with the purpose of taking care of each life. With this structure and present in all the links of this chain, Viveo was born, an institutional brand that brings together all companies and acts in an integrated way, from the production chain, through distribution to the final consumer. Company’s IPO.


Acquisition of Daviso Indústria e Comércio de Produtos Higiênicos S.A. Daviso, founded in 2004, specializes in the manufacture of wet wipes and towels, offering products with technology and quality to the main national and international brands present in Latin America. In its portfolio are products directed to infant and adult hygiene.

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